Established in 2015, TAI ER was originally a small street restaurant passed by word of mouth. When the restaurant was first opened, the owner was so concentrated on preparing food so that he forgot to open the door. He did not even name the restaurant, hence his customers laughed at him for being so silly and absent-minded (“TAI ER” in Chinese). As a result, the optimistic owner just took “TAI ER” as the restaurant’s name.
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Our Suancai & Fish is deboned and the tail has been removed. The meat is tender and delicious.
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We use of real pottery jar to pickle cabbage, compared with others, our Suancai retains moisture content in the pickling process, without much loss to ensure a crisp taste. In this way, our Suancai is crisp and delicious, truly making Suancai that is generally considered very common taste better.
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Chongqing Style Boiled Blood Curd
Macau Special Dish: A mouthful of spicy, a perfect meal
Egg Coated Glutinous Rice Rolls With Brown Sugar
Crispy egg coat outside soft glutinous rice cake. A different experience with brown sugar syrup
Non-stoppable Fried Crispy Pork
Crispy outside and tender inside. One bite and you will be really impressed
Tasty Fried Chicken Wings
Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.You will love our delicious chicken wings
Fried Crispy Prawn Topped With Mustard
Crispy shrimp with refreshing mustard sauce. You will definitely love it
Spicy Boneless Chicken Feet
Boneless chicken feet, spicy and delicious
Tender Beef With Chili Sauce
Tender beef in chili oil, so appetizing
Preserved Quail Eggs with Chili Pepper
Quail preserved egg in salty sweet sauce, a perfect match for rice
Jelly With Brown Sugar
Refreshing, best choice for tone down the spicy